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Design schools don’t teach you how to present and market yourself. We are here to fix that. Learn how to make an unforgettable first impression.

Why Study At Path Unbound?

See how we design our curriculum to help you succeed

As much as we want "guarantee" in life, there is no such thing. We are aware that many online design bootcamp programs "guarantee" their students jobs after graduation with certain prerequisites. We want you to know the truth behind such "guarantees". It is simply a marketing tactic to put you at ease of enrolling. While a great number of students enrolled in these programs do secure jobs after graduation, there are some who will pursue their creative paths differently.


We design our curriculum with a goal that is different from most other schools - we want you to learn solid foundations while being trained to not only be qualified job candidates but equipped with strong business skills so that you can pursue any creative career, including starting your own business. Simply put, we don't believe in fluff and marketing tactics that paint a rosy picture that isn't always realistic. We want to train you to reach your highest potential, but we want you to know the truth.

UI/UX is and has been the buzzword for quite some time in the design world. We see most online design programs offering exclusively UI/UX or solely UX design courses with the goal of training business-focused design thinkers for the technology industry. There is no doubt a huge demand for this type of design skills, but that's not where Path Unbound School of Design focuses on. While we do incorporate a UX design topics in our flagship course, Digital Visual Design, we primarily focus on teaching our students the full spectrum of design, including UI design, responsive web design, branding design, motion graphics etc.


Looking back in history and the evolution of design, there are so much more to UI/UX (which is a recently-created field), but somehow most online programs have ignored their relevance. We want you to have the fundamental skills to create color schemes like a master painter, use typography like an expert typographer and craft layouts and  compositions for any medium with ease. These are the foundational skills students could only obtain from studying with elite professors at exclusive (and expensive) art schools before. We are determined to democratize that process and make it available to everyone. That's why we put together a comprehensive design curriculum that encompasses so much more than UI/UX. 

We have heard from many industry employers that one of the reasons they don't want to hire online bootcamp grads is because they all seem to think the same and have cookie-cutter portfolios. Our curriculum is designed to train students to produce unique and individualized body of work. Additionally, in our portfolio building part of the curriculum, we train students to adapt to different types of client feedback and organizational shifts so that they are prepared for the “real world”.


When students graduate from our program, they will walk away with a rich body of work that is very much uniquely theirs and reflects their thinking process. We are here to teach you how to “cook”, not with “pre-packaged meal kits”, but with “real and raw ingredients”.

The vast majority of design schools teach you how to get a job, which is a wonderful thing. Our curriculum prepares every student who successfully graduates for any design job they want. However, we don't stop there. We don't believe in one way to success. The truth is - the most influential and successful people in every field didn't get to where they are by working for other people their entire life. At some point, they started their own businesses and create employment opportunities for others. We want to prepare our students for entrepreneurial careers so that they can truly make their visions happen. 

Open-Sourced Curated Curriculum + Private Mentor Sessions

We curate the best open-sourced design education content and provide them for free. Feedback and real-world career advice is what will help you become a successful designer and we do charge for that. Our goal is to make design education accessible to anyone while helping those who are serious about becoming successful designers get their career off the ground.

Build Non-Cookie Cutter Portfolios

Many bootcamp grads have cookie-cutter portfolios, but we guide you to build portfolio projects that are unique and truly your own through our career and business courses.

In-Depth Assignments That Match Real Client Projects

In our business and career courses, we provide project briefs that have the depth and complexity of real client projects. You will not be given overly simplified assignments that aren’t portfolio ready, which means every project you complete can be added to your “book”.

Bite-Sized Course Format

Learn in your own style. We offer the course in bite size formats to help you learn more thoroughly and reduce learner’s fatigue. You will have exercise and assignments after each lesson to reinforce your understanding.  Our course is optimize for viewing across different devices so you can learn as you go or in the comfort of your home. 

Book a private mentor session as you need to get real-time expert feedback on your design.

Business and Career Training

We built our program with the goal to train top-notch designers to reach their full potential. That means we don’t just churn out job search candidates. We spend a good amount of curriculum educating students the in and outs of the business and train them to succeed to build a career path that suits them the most.

How We Compare

With so many options out there, we’d like to show you an honest and fact-based comparison to help you choose the best way to learn.

Features Path Unbound Online Bootcamps Degree Programs In-Person Classes
College professor designed curriculum
Tuition Free with paid options $6,000-$8,000 $160,000-$200,000+ $2,000-$18,000+
Career Classes Limited Limited Limited
Business Classes
Portfolio Guidance Limited Limited Limited
Flexible Location and Schedule
Timeline of Completion 2-3 months 3-9 months 4 years 2-12 months
Bite-Size Course Content
Courses For Purchase A La Carte

Frequently Asked Questions

Students ask us these questions a lot. So we thought you’d like to know the answers to them, too.

We actually guide you through the latest design tools in easy to understand manners throughout the course. So you will be learning and practicing these tools all the time while you are in the course. Don't worry if you are completely new to design. That's our big differentiating point - we take you from 0 to 100.

No, you do not have to invest anything upfront, because we are teaching digital visual design, you have the option of choosing to use programs such as Figma that provides a free online version.


We do recommend that you get a student discount for Adobe programs because they are still industry standards and should be used by a professional designer at some point.


You don't have to use a Mac. Most design programs have a PC version as well (with the exception of Sketch).

We want to democratize design education. You shouldn't have to break the bank to learn the skills you need. No one should be in debt because they went to get an education (uh-hum, college...).


Design makes everything better. We want to help more people get into the field so that we can make more great and beautiful things.


We have a small team that supports a large number of students. We intend to keep our company small so we can best serve our students with the best quality education content without any fluff or markup in operation costs.

We get the appeal of a degree. It is fantastic if you have the time and money for it, but the design field is unique that employers care more about your portfolio and what you can do than your degree. Would you rather have a stellar portfolio and strong personal brand with no debt than tens of thousands of dollars in debt? The smarter answer is apparent to us, who build creative businesses for a living, but we leave it up to you to decide.


The best part is, our curriculum is actually designed by current and former college professors who are tired of the outdated ways universities teach. They brought years of industry expertise and teaching experience to the course design so that students can get the best of both worlds - solid foundational knowledge of design and up-to-date, practical instructions that will help students stand out.

The biggest difference between Path Unbound and other schools is - we train our students to have career AND business-ready. It means we don't churn out cookie cutter job applicants. You will graduate with in-depth knowledge in design, unique portfolio projects, rigorous training in career and business that you won't be worried about landing a job or starting your own business. You can choose to become a designer for a top ad agency; lead an internal creative team at a tech company; use your newly-acquired design skills to launch your own e-commerce shop; start working as a freelance designers for various clients or build your own creative enterprise. Sky is the limit and we want you to reach for it. So we don't tell you what career options you have after you graduate - you tell us. We will soon release our student outcome and success stories to inspire more of you to launch full steam ahead in pursuing your dream career. 

Our Visual Design course is free, but if you are unhappy with your paid mentor sessions, please reach out to our support team as soon as possible. We cannot offer refunds for mentor sessions that have happened, but we can provide a bonus session if there is legitimate reason for complaint.

For career and business courses, because your payment grants immediate access, we cannot honor a refund.

Have more questions? Drop us a line or visit our full FAQ page.

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