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Path Unbound helps global creative professionals become successful in their careers, make money and get O1 visa to work in the US.

Partner Spotlight: C2A Award
How to Get A Creative Job Without A Related Degree
Why Creative Majors Should Take Non-Creative Classes
How to Convince Companies to Sponsor Work Visa
Start From Zero:
A Step by Step Guide to Getting Your O1 Visa
Want to work in the United States in the creative industry but not sure where to start? We are here to help. If you have talent and work ethic, you can start from zero and get to where you need to be quickly.
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No Oscar Required:
A Step by Step Guide to Getting Your EB1 Green Card
They used to call it the "Einstein Visa". You are no Einstein and haven't won an Oscar yet but you have other great achievements. Should you attempt to get the green card? Yes and we will show you how.
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Personalized Consultation

Get the expert advice of how you can best position yourself to get the visa and job you want. We provide personalized consultation sessions to help you form a result-driven action plan.

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