Democratizing Creative Education

How it all started...

Path Unbound was founded and run by creatives. As designers, we have gone through the traditional way of creative education. Paid lots of money for college; spent a lot of time perfecting our crafts; made very little money doing what we love; and seen by companies as people who “make things look pretty”.

Some of our friends with creative passions chose other fields of study regretted their decisions after working in jobs they are not enthusiastic about. They want to get back into their passions. However, there isn’t a clear path to do so without bleeding their wallets and wasting too much time.

We've seen the struggles of career changers

We heard the frustration of expensive tuition in higher education

Traditional higher education is becoming a less attractive option due to its high cost and time commitment. Most universities still cannot offer practical career and business trainings to graduating students – leaving them struggling for work and becoming “starving artists”. The COVID-19 pandemic forever changed higher education. For the first time, students find themselves sitting at home taking online classes while paying $40,000+ in tuition.

Advertised as an affordable alternative to traditional higher education, bootcamps have become another accelerator to the mounting student debt crisis, even with Income Share Agreements, students are still expected to pay between 10-20k in tuition, which is far from being affordable to many.

Bootcamps Didn't Solve The Student Debt Crisis

There has to be a better way...

That’s when Path Unbound is born. We want to democratize creative education. It shouldn’t be expensive. It shouldn’t be time-consuming, but it sure needs to be taught the right way. And we happen to know how.

We created a series of affordably-priced creative business courses for both the job seekers and the creative entrepreneurs. We also offer a full-length, completely free visual design course to help anyone who want to learn design get started right away, regardless of their financial situation.


Our Culture

Team Path Unbound is built on the premise of 3 NOs – No Politics, No Bullshit, No Ego. Our founding team members are visionary creatives. We have been through the typical corporate life before finding ourselves in the path of entrepreneurship. We know what makes a great company culture by experiencing the not-so-great before.

We pride ourselves in a strong remote culture. Although our founding team is mostly located in Los Angeles, CA, our wider team is entirely distributed. Frankly, we believe it is the best way to run our company because our team members are highly-collaborative and trust each other immensely. We believe in doing good work and having a great time.

We are actively making our team diverse in race, age, gender, sexual orientations, disability status and of course, skillsets.

Our Team

We are a fully-distributed, womxn-led, diversity-focused team

Stella Guan

Founder & CEO, Creative Director

Following a decade-long corporate career, Stella took on an entrepreneurial path and founded Path Unbound, a creative education company dedicated to training the next generation of designers who are business and career-ready.

Stella’s design work has been recognized internationally by major design awards. Stella has been an adjunct professor of design at top universities, global education institutions and often invited as a speaker at international creative conferences.

She loves classic rock, cycling, singing too many songs from the Carpenters and discovering the best Korean food in town.

She is a blunt New Yorker and a “non-laidback” Angeleno. She is originally from the big “rooster-shaped” country with 1.4 billion people.

Rachel McHugh

Graphic Designer and Illustrator

Born in VA, raised in PA and refined in NYC, Rachel is currently a designer and painter living in a small mountain town in Los Angeles County. With over 8 years of experience, Rachel has been involved with every aspect of the design process. She believes the best design roles don’t always just involve working in the office – sometimes you have to get out there and experience the community you’re designing for.

Meryl Berman

Social Media Content Creator

Meryl is a student at University of Arizona majoring in retail and consumer sciences and minoring in fashion. She has great passion in social media content creation and loves her family, her dog and working out.

Gyeongwon Kwak

Content Writer

Gyeongwon is studying psychology at the University of Waterloo. She published a young adults fiction novel, “Pretty Penny,” at the age of 16. She is passionate about life science, social issues pertaining to equality and diversity, volleyball, video games and loves to flex her writing chops in an entrepreneurial environment.

Erinne Ng

Partnership and Social Media Specialist

Erinne is getting her Honours BA in Linguistics at the University of Alberta. She worked as the Communications Manager for an electoral candidate where she learned to write speakers notes, handle press releases, and implement communications and PR strategies. She also developed social media campaigns and curated newsletters for the University of Alberta. She is passionate about using social media for social justice causes that positively impact the world.

She loves houseplants, coffee, sailing, and sustainability (not necessarily in that order).

Soha Lachini

Social Media Strategist and Designer

Soha is a UX Designer passionate about designing products that users do not know they need and cannot live without. During her professional years in education, she designed exciting games to teach English to students while catering to their needs and learning styles. She currently creates social content and design for Path Unbound.

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