The School of Design Certificate Program and ALL short courses are 40% off during launch week! 

Build A Profitable Creative Career
We don’t just train people to get a job. We teach them the skills they need to build a profitable creative business lifelong, right from home.


Path Unbound School of Design

Earn your Certificate of Integrated Design or Web and User Experience Design from the Path Unbound School of Design. Our curriculum is a perfect blend of the solid foundation you would get from a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in college with real world creative business training in just 6-12 months, at a fraction of the cost.


Take a sneak peak at our course offerings. You can also take these courses individually to fit your unique needs or try out a part of the Path Unbound School of Design certificate program to see if it’s for you. We offer limited free trial for some units to give you a better taste of what it’s like to learn at Path Unbound.

5 Lessons

Color Theory

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Responsive Design

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Build Your Portfolio Website

This course guides you to build your portfolio website from beginning to finish. Now that you have some portfolio-worthy projects, how do you present it in the most effective way? What platform can you use to build it? How do you use those platforms? You are going to finish the course with a ready-to-show portfolio site.


    Exclusives Perks

    Students in the School of Design Certificate Program receives numerous perks, but these are the ones that are exclusive to the program and not available for individual courses.

    Perk 1

    Weekly Live Online Classes

    Unlike most online schools, we offer real-time weekly live classes online to supplement your self-learning. They are taught by our industry-leading elite instructors in webinar format. There will be dedicated Q&A time every 20 minutes.

    Principles of Design Layouts

    2 hours, Live Online, Date TBD
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    Perk 2

    Daily Assignment Feedback

    Your course assignments will be reviewed with written feedback from our expert mentors on a daily basis. It takes weeks to get assignments back from college professors, sometimes without written feedback. We are changing this for the better.

    Principles of Design Layouts

    2 hours, Live Online, Date TBD
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    Perk 3

    One-on-One Mentorship

    Each student will be assigned a dedicated mentor throughout the program. You will have weekly check-in calls with your mentor, who will answer your questions and help you stay on track. You will never feel isolated when there is someone you can talk to regularly about your progress.

    Principles of Design Layouts

    2 hours, Live Online, Date TBD
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    Special Program

    Path Unbound Creative Business Incubator

    Already a professional designer but lacking business skills to start your own company? Our Business Incubator program is perfect for you. In this 3-month intensive program, you will be learning everything from business idea generation, product/service marketing fit testing to incorporation, taxes, lead generation and more. You will graduate with your own creative business already formed and operational.

    Curriculum Designed by College Professors

    Most online design courses don’t teach you enough foundation. We want to change that. Our curriculums are designed by current and former college design professors. We build you a solid design foundation with just the right amount of theory and lots of practical projects.

    Portfolio-Driven Learning Outcome

    Most online design schools help you build 1-2 portfolio projects. We guide you to build a portfolio-ready project after every course in the program. We also stay away from cookie cutter portfolio project prompts, meaning your projects won’t look like anyone else’s. As soon as you finish the program, you will have a portfolio ready to show.

    Real Client Projects, Real Experience

    Upon finishing the program, students are given real client projects to work on under the supervision of their assigned industry mentors. 

    Bite-Sized Multimedia Course Format

    Learn in your own style. We offer the course in the format of text, interactive media demonstrations and engaging podcast-style audio for each lesson. You will have exercise and assignments after each lesson to reinforce your understanding. Our course platform is optimized for mobile and bitsizd learning, meaning you can access your course any time on any device.

    Business and Career Training

    We built our program with the goal to train top-notch designers to reach their full potential. That means we don’t just churn out job search candidates. We spend a good amount of curriculum educating students the in and outs of the business and train them to succeed to build a career path that suits them the most.

    Ask Admission

    Not sure which course or program is right for you? Not sure how to make it work financially? Our admission officers are happy to answer your questions. Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will reach out to you.

    Why Study At Path Unbound?

    There are endless options to learn online now. Why would you choose to learn with Path Unbound? We want you to know a few brutal truths and how we design our curriculum to help you succeed in spite of them.

    As much as we want "guarantee" in life, there is no such thing. We are aware that many online design bootcamp programs "guarantee" their students jobs after graduation with certain prerequisites. We want you to know the truth behind such "guarantees". It is simply a marketing tactic to put you at ease of enrolling. While a great number of students enrolled in these programs do secure jobs after graduation, there are some who will pursue their creative paths differently.


    We design our curriculum with a goal that is different from most other schools - we want you to learn solid foundations while being trained to not only be qualified job candidates but equipped with strong business skills so that you can pursue any creative career, including starting your own business. Simply put, we don't believe in fluff and marketing tactics that paint a rosy picture that isn't always realistic. We want to train you to reach your highest potential, but we want you to know the truth.

    UI/UX is and has been the buzzword for quite some time in the design world. We see most online design programs offering exclusively UI/UX or solely UX design courses with the goal of training business-focused design thinkers for the technology industry. There is no doubt a huge demand for this type of design skills, but that's not where Path Unbound School of Design focuses on. While we do offer a UX design course in the Acceleration part of the School of Design Certificate Program, we want to teach our students the full spectrum of design.


    Looking back in history and the evolution of design, there are so much more to UI/UX (which is a recently-created field), but somehow most online programs have ignored their relevance. We want you to have the fundamental skills to create color schemes like a master painter, use typography like an expert typographer and craft layouts and  compositions for any medium with ease. These are the foundational skills students could only obtain from studying with elite professors at exclusive (and expensive) art schools before. We are determined to democratize that process and make it available to everyone. That's why we put together a comprehensive design curriculum that encompasses so much more than UI/UX. 

    We want to train designers properly. We don't want to promise you to become fluent in design in 2-3 months. Learning design is like learning a language. While you can learn basic conversation skills in a few months, you will never sound completely like a native in that short amount of time. It requires practice and further training.


    However, we also don't believe in spending years studying design. After you study the fundamentals, you need to start doing, making and creating to hone your craft. Most online design programs speed through the fundamentals of design. Students scratch the surface of a few design theories while feeling inadequate about the skills they learned. They feel less competitive than their peers who graduated from degree programs. That shouldn't be the case and we are here to change that.


    Our instructional design team comes from a university teaching background. We are very familiar with the level of knowledge required for a college degree. Our direct experience in the design industry working for world-class clients helped us build the curriculum to be as business-focused as possible. You will be an expert at your craft and a business-savvy creative professional.

    The vast majority of design schools teach you how to get a job, which is a wonderful thing. Our curriculum prepares every student who successfully graduates for any design job they want. However, we don't stop there. We don't believe in one way to success. The truth is - the most influential and successful people in every field didn't get to where they are by working for other people their entire life. At some point, they started their own businesses and create employment opportunities for others. We want to prepare our students for entrepreneurial careers so that they can truly make their visions happen. 

    Design Is For Everyone

    Our students come from all kinds of background with the same goal of becoming a designer and making a great living with their creativity.

    Career Changers

    You got a degree in another field. You worked in a field you don’t feel passionate about anymore. You want to finally flex your creative muscle and find a new career you truly love.

    Current Students

    College sounds like a great idea, until it leaves you 100k in debt. You’d much rather study the craft and make design a profitable career ASAP.

    Self-Taught Designers

    You have learned design through YouTube videos or practiced on your own. You can design a few things but feel that you need formal training to get to the next level.

    Future Creative Entrepreneurs

    You are currently working as a full-time designer but your day job doesn’t feel right. You want more freedom, turn design into a business and be your own boss.

    Upcoming Courses

    Future-Proof Your Design Career

    The design field is always changing. We train our students to be ready for the future no matter what happens to the economy. That’s why we are launching new design courses in emerging technology sectors that will see a huge demand for future-ready designers. Stay tuned for upcoming launches!


    Designing for Augmented Reality

    Learn the foundation of design layouts. Know where to position your design elements for optimial user experience and maximize their visual impact. 


    Designing for Artificial Intelligence

    Learn how artificial intelligence has impacted our lives and it will grow into every industry in the world. Use your design skills to help bring on innovation in this emerging field. 


    Designing for Virtual Reality

    Learn the foundation of virtual reality and what you can do with it as a multidisciplinary designer. Get inspired by the work of VR artists and learn to do them yourself. 


    Build Your Portfolio Website


    Creative Entrepreneurship Incubator

    Upcoming Student Perks

    We are working hard to bring valuable student perks to you soon. These perks are only available to our School of Design students.

    Software Discounts

    We will provide exclusive software discounts only for students. Getting the tools you need for design shouldn’t be expensive.

    Design Awards & Scholarships

    We will host monthly design awards with prizes (applied as discount to tuition) and exclusive employer connection among other perks for student winners.

    Community Activities

    We will host monthly guest speaker series, alumni Q&A, student work showcase and group critique session to help make your learning experience interactive. You will never feel alone learning online!

    Flexible Financing

    We will provide flexible financing options. You can choose from upfront payment for a discount, monthly payment plan or a loan from reputable lenders that breaks down your payment into small chunks over a longer period of time.

    What Students Say

    We are humbled to have helped students succeed and make their dream of becoming a profitable designer come true.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Students ask us these questions a lot. So we thought you’d like to know the answers to them, too.

    We understand not everyone is used to learning online. You may doubt whether or not you can keep up the learning or struggle with time management. All of these are common challenges of learning online. At Path Unbound, we don't ignore these challenges, we confront them and help you conquer them. To help you stay on track, we require that you set up check in meetings with your assigned mentors (only available to School of Design Certificate students) every week. With accountability comes productivity. We understand how life can get in the way sometimes, so we offer flexible pause and resume options for those of you who need to take a break. We foster a very active and engaged online community so that you won't feel alone learning at home. Our weekly live online classes also give you an opportunity to interact live with our elite instructors and get your questions answered - another way to stay engaged and learn actively. 

    Yes, absolutely! We assign each School of Design student a dedicated mentor, who will grade your homework, provide feedback regularly and have 1-on-1 check in meetings with you on a weekly basis. You can always ask your mentors questions. If you have any technical questions regarding our learning platform or have issues with your enrollment, please feel free to submit a support ticket. Our support team will get back to you within 24 hours. 

    We hear you! That's why we provide several different ways for you to afford our value-packed programs. You can choose to pay monthly for a much smaller amount. We are also establishing partnerships with reputable lending partners so in the near future, you can switch to an even smaller amount of monthly payment! If you would like to stay tuned on the launch of our loan option, please check out the Afford page and sign up to be updated. 

    The biggest difference between Path Unbound and other schools is - we train our students to have career AND business-ready. It means we don't churn out cookie cutter job applicants. You will graduate our Certificate Program with in-depth knowledge in design, real client work on your portfolio, rigorous training in career and business that you won't be worried about landing a job or starting your own business. You can choose to become a designer for a top ad agency; lead an internal creative team at a tech company; use your newly-acquired design skills to launch your own e-commerce shop; start working as a freelance designers for various clients or build your own creative enterprise. Sky is the limit and we want you to reach for it. So we don't tell you what career options you have after you graduate - you tell us. We will soon release our student outcome and success stories to inspire more of you to launch full steam ahead in pursuing your dream career. 

    If you are unhappy about the course for any reason, please reach out to our support team as soon as possible. We offer a 14-day grace period for refunds. If after speaking with our support, you are still certain that you do not want to enroll any more, we will process your refund. If you speak to us after 14 days, we regret that we will not be able to provide a refund. 

    Have more questions? Drop us a line or visit our full FAQ page.

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