The School of Design Certificate Program and ALL short courses are 40% off during launch week! 

Collaborate With Us

At Path Unbound, we believe in collaboration. If you run a site and wants to promote our courses in exchange for an affiliate fee, please drop us a line. We would love to hear from you. 


Tell Us About Your Site

We would like to know what kind of websites you are running and who your audience is. We love discovering cool websites on the Internet – we may even promote your site in exchange! 

Receive Affiliate Link

We will send you a custom affiliate link that you can use to promote our courses or content. You can embed it in your articles, marketing emails or anywhere you feel that it’s relevant to your audience. 



Turn It Into Cash

Once we receive course enrollment or purchases through your affiliate link, you will be credited the affiliate income. Turnning clicks into cash is that simple!

Path Unbound is a creative education company dedicated to training the next generation of designers who are business and career-ready.

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