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No Oscar Required:
Step by Step Guide to Getting Your EB1 Green Card

They used to call it the “Einstein Visa”. You are no Einstein and hasn’t won an Oscar yet but you have other great achievements. Should you attempt to get the green card? Yes and we will show you how.


Sound Painfully Familiar?

I've been working in the US for quite a few years on an H1B. It's going to run out soon and my employer wouldn't sponsor me for a green card because I am not in a tech role. I've made the US home for almost a decade. I don't want to leave now.

I've been on the O1 visa for several years now. Every time I have to renew, it costs money and time. I'm tired of this temporary situation and there are still a lot of restrictions to what I can and cannot do. I'm looking for something better.

Everyone said I should just find a US citizen and get married. I don't agree - love has to come at the right time and it's not a business transaction. I want to be here on my own terms and with my own ability. Is there a solution out there for me?

How We Can Help

We designed a self-paced online course packed with actionable information and tips that will help you with every step you need to take to get your dream EB1 green card to stay permanently in the United States and take your artistic career to the next level. From little known strategies to win awards starting with nothing to smart ways of getting publicity, you will see that the “Einstein Visa” is not out of reach.

This is not legal advice. You must still retain your own attorney for your case filing. We can refer you to our curated network of immigration attorneys who have many years of successful cases.

Actionable Chapters


What is the EB1 Green Card
We explore the official definition of the EB1 green card; why it’s not just for artists; and why many people didn’t dare to apply.
We explain the three types of EB1 green cards: EB1, EB2 and EB3 and how to qualify for them.
A detailed and realistic breakdown of how much you should expect to spend to file for an EB1 green card.
We clarify common misconceptions of the EB1 green card once and for all.


How to Win Awards in Your Industries?
We lay out a roadmap for you to apply and win for awards in the most efficient and quick ways possible.
We curated a rich (read: long) list of reputable awards in 10 popular creative industries so you can kickstart your submission without wasting time.


No Invitation Needed: Get into Invite-Only Professional Organizations

We explore little-known strategies to get invited to invite-only professional organizations.

We show you how to find these prestigious organizations.

We show you how you can write a compelling pitch letter to get a better chance at being invited to these organizations.


Pitch Perfect: Becoming a Judge is Easier Than You Think
We explain how to pitch yourself to become judges at award shows in your industry.

We show you how to write a compelling letter to get accepted as a judge.

We explain the kind of awards you have a great chance of being accepted as a judge.


Be Your Own Publicist: Pitching to Get Press for Yourself
You don’t have to wait for media exposure because you can find it yourself by pitching. We explain how you can do that successfully.
How do you reach out to the right journalists who would be interested in writing about you? We explain different strategies that will get you noticed.
We provide a sample PR pitch as a template to help you get started on reaching out to journalists.


Smart Ways to Find Exhibition Opportunities for Your Creative Work
Besides traditional museums and galleries, there are other venues you can get exhibited. We will show you how to find them.
You don’t have to wait to get exhibition opportunities. We explain how you can successfully organize your own exhibition.
You need a great network to get opportunities and we show you how you can form these relationships.
We show you how to get publicity for your exhibitions.


How to Get Your Creative Work Published Besides Submission
We show you how to leverage your awards to get publication opportunities.
Made friends with achieved creatives? We explain how you should partner with them to get your work shown.
Get your foot in the door first and start socializing with people within publications by becoming a guest writer.


How to Get the Perfect Recommendation Letters for the EB1
We explain the importance of getting the right recommendation to shine light on your achievements.
Not everyone is a great candidate to be a recommender. We help you identify the right people whose letters will add value to your case.
The more the merrier? Not so fast. We explain the optimal amount of letters you should aim to get.
Not everyone is a great writer. We show you valuable tips on helping your recommenders write the best letters for you.
Don’t start the last minute. We show you how far in advance you should be planning to reach out.
Framing your recommenders in the best light possible also increases the value of their opinions. We show you how you can make them sound authoritative in your field.


Life After Approval: Adjustment of Status

After you get approved for the EB1, you are done done yet! We explain what happens after you get that dream approval notice.

We explain why there is an increasing wait time because of the “Priority Date” and how you should be prepared for that.

We explain the steps of applying for Adjustment of Status when your Priority Date becomes current.

While you wait for your final green card, it is a good idea to apply for a temporary travel document. We explain how to apply for this document.
While you wait for the final green card, you will need to apply for an EAD card to continue working. We explain how to apply for the Employment Authorization Card (EAD).
You will be notified to schedule a biometrics appointment after you file for Adjustment of Status. We explain the process.
You are required to take a medical exam by “civil surgeons” designated by USCIS. We explain things to keep in mind in this process.
Sometimes your travel and work authorization may expire before your final green card arrives. We explain how to renew them.
You are almost there! This is the last step of the green card process. We discuss what you need to be aware of for the interview.
After all the work is done, if USCIS gives final approval, you will be receiving your physical green card in the mail in a few months!
Valuable Bonuses


Finding and Working with the Best EB1 Lawyers

There are many lawyers you can choose from. We show you how you can do due diligence to make sure you hire the best one.

Some lawyers charge to speak to you. Should you consider it? We explain the pros and cons.

We explain best practices when working with a lawyer to help you get the best results.

Lawyers come at significant costs. We explain how much you should expect to spend on legal fees.


How to Handle the Dreaded Request for Evidence (RFE)
As USCIS tightens up scrutiny of every immigration case, we expect more and more Request for Evidence to be issued. We discuss important things to keep in mind when receiving an RFE.
We discuss some of the most common reasons that may cause you to receive an RFE.
You cannot completely avoid an RFE, but you can surely employ these strategies to minimize your chances of getting one.
When you and your lawyer work on the response, remember these best practices to make sure that nothing gets left out.

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