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Helping the Creative Community Thrive

Path Unbound helps global creative professionals become successful in their careers, be financially free and get visas to work in their country of choice.

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How We Started

Path Unbound is built on a mission to fight the stigma of “starving artists”. The creative community is hard-working and talented, yet many of us struggle to succeed financially. Some of us struggle to navigate the daunting scene of global mobility when opportunities take us outside of our home countries.

Every year, creative professionals move to countries like the United States to pursue their passion and build a new life. However, the immigration process is often confusing, lengthy and frustrating.

Path Unbound is founded by a group of creative artists and entrepreneurs who have successfully navigated through the complicated system of immigration and built rewarding careers globally. We want to help our community learn the ropes to be winners in their artistic careers and get the visas they need to achieve their dreams.

We believe in creatives helping creatives. We want you to know that there is no limit in what you can achieve. As a matter of fact, that is how we got the inspiration of our name – your path to success is unbound.

How We Can Help You


Get Your O1 Visa or EB1 Green Card Fast

We provide practical online guides and in-person consultation to help you get your O1 visa or EB1 green card in the fastest timeline possible so you can focus on building your creative career.


Find Your Dream Art School and Land Jobs in the Creative Field

We provide hands-on training guides, in-person consultation and free blog articles to help you get into the best art schools or/and find great work opportunities in the creative field.


Learn How to Make Great Money as a Creative

We do not believe in "starving artists", nor should you. We realize there is a gap in the education system where nobody was taught how to make money and grow their wealth, and we are here to help.

Who We Are

We are a group of creative entrepreneurs who truly believe in empowering our own community. We are a community dedicated to helping creative professions be smart in business, immigration and money. We want to start a movement to show the world that creatives can make more than art – we can become successful business leaders; build incredible amount of wealth; and navigate successfully through the complicated system of immigration.

We are big advocates of global mobility. If you dream of working and studying in the creative field outside of your home countries, we are committed to helping you succeed.

Stella Guan

Founder & CEO

Stella Guan is the Founder and CEO of Path Unbound. She is an award-winning visual designer with experience spanning across multiple disciplines and industries. She has held leading design positions at marketing agencies, advertising agencies, technology companies and global financial services firms.

In 2019, Stella founded Path Unbound, a company that provides international creative professionals with career advancement advice and immigration resources. Path Unbound’s mission is to help immigrant artists advance in their careers and change the stereotype of the “starving artists” by providing business training to creatives.

Stella is a winner of the A’ Design Award, American Web Design Award, CSS Design Awards, Summit Creative Awards, Davey Award and W3 Award. 

Stella is a member of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts and the International Association of Designers. She also served as a judge for numerous international design awards and frequently speaks at international conferences.

What We Do

We design our services for the overall career success of creative professionals. We regularly publish blog articles covering topics that the creative community cares about. We publish practical online guides with actionable strategies for getting visas. For our members who are in need of personalized coaching, we provide in-person consultation that helps them get to where they need to be faster.

We also have a strong network of partners, including immigration attorneys, recruiters, employers and senior creative directors who help our community take the next step to succeed in their endeavors.

Visa Coaching

We provide online guides that help you understand how you can build your experience up to successfully file for the O1 visa or the EB1 green card.

Career Coaching

We help you navigate the job market in the creative field with ease and confidence. We coach you on critical career skills and connect you with industry experts to learn about your field from insiders.

Portfolio Review

Our team of senior creative directors and industry experts from various creative fields helps you identify areas of improvement in your portfolio so you can land the dream gig.

Attorney Referral

Our curated directory of immigration attorneys has the best-in-class legal services tailored to professionals in the creative fields. These attorneys have years of experience successfully helping creatives get the visas they need.

Curated Job Board

Launching soon, our curated job board will feature creative jobs and gigs from employers that welcome international talents. We are dedicated to helping you land the job of your dreams.

Free Resources

We regularly publish blog articles covering topics the creative community cares about. We also provide free downloadable resources to help you get started in becoming a successful creative professional.

A Friendly Note

Even though we strive to provide the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding immigration and other career resources that we publish, we cannot guarantee accuracy nor do we promise any particular results or outcome regarding your immigration cases or job search process. You should always consult with an attorney when it comes to filing for a visa. For more information, please read our full legal disclaimer.

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