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We love to partner with businesses and individuals serving the same community as we do.

How We Can Partner

We love to partner with businesses and individuals who share the same value as us. Our company is created on a mission to help creative professionals be business-savvy, financially-solvent and providing them with practical visa and immigration resources. We would like to hear from immigration law firms, event companies, schools, employers, recruiters, career coaches, senior creative directors and personal finance advisors.

Current Partners

Law Firm Partnerships

If your firm specializes in immigration, particularly in the area of O1, H1B, EB1, we would like to hear from you. We curate a directory of pre-screened immigration law firms and provide referrals to our clients. We continuously welcome proposals to partner and share resources to serve our community better.

Education Partnerships

We partner with educational institutions such as colleges, universities, for-profit training institutions and vocational schools. Students from educational institutions come to us for career and immigration advice as they prepare to enter the workforce as creative professionals. International students who are studying in creative disciplines and desire to work in the US after graduation will especially benefit from our training courses and consultation service.

Event Partnerships

We host periodic events online and offline to engage and grow our community. We are based in the United States in New York and Los Angeles. Our events are usually artistically-themed hosted in urban and chic interior settings. We would like to hear from event planners and event venue owners who would like to form short or long-term partnerships with us.

Recruitment Partnerships

Companies and recruiters who are in search of creative talents are welcome to partner with us. We have a vibrant community of highly-talented creative professionals in many disciplines, including design, film, fine art, music etc. We can help you build a robust talent pipeline through strategic partnerships and our soon-to-be launched curated job board.

Coaching Partnerships

We are a coaching business at the core. Our community members come from all disciplines of the creative field. They need advice and directions on career-related topics such as job search, resume building, interview skills and more. We are looking for experienced career coaches who can provide professionals in the creative field with actionable advice and help them build profitable career plans.

Industry Expert Partnerships

Our community of creative professionals needs mentoring from senior and highly-achieved working professionals such as Art Directors, Creative Directors, Casting Directors, Producers to point them to the right direction. We are especially looking for individuals who are able to provide portfolio critiques to our community members. You may also decide to join as a career coach to share your industry knowledge. We offer a generous payout to individuals who successfully applied to join our consulting program as a partner.

Finance Expert Parternships

One of our most important missions is to help creative professionals become business-savvy and financially-solvent. We would like to hear from personal finance experts who have experience providing easy-to-understand financial advice for creative professionals.

Ready to Partner?

Let’s discuss business. Send us a quick note and let us get back to you.

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