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Design schools don’t teach you how to present and market yourself. We are here to fix that. Learn how to make an unforgettable first impression.

Your Work Does Not Speak For Itself

It’s not often that we hear this from design schools, but here’s the truth. You have to have good work, but if you have no idea how to present it in unique way, your beautiful work will be drowned out in the crowd.

On Average

Hiring managers spend 3 seconds looking at your portfolio


On Average

Only 2% of job applicants are interviewed

0 %

Many Bootcamp Graduates Have Cookie-Cutter Portfolios

In the world of design recruiting, “bootcamp grads” have become synonymous to aspiring designers who have very similar portfolios, both visually and in their design thinking process.

Have Your Ever Tried Finding Waldo Without The Red - Striped Shirt?

If your portfolio looks like 500 candidates’, you could be a “Waldo” without even the red-striped shirt on. The result? Recruiters, hiring managers and clients won’t notice you.

When Others Complain, You Go Above And Beyond

Many new designers complain about not hearing back from hundreds of applications. Some of them may not have reflected on the quality of their portfolio. If you divert that energy to going above and beyond, you will reap the benefits while others go down the rabbit hole of negativity.

Create Visually Beautiful, Unforgettable Portfolio With A Unique Story

To stand out, you not only have to have great projects, you also need to know how to present it in a visually-beautiful way with a captivating story. Most design schools don’t teach marketing and storytelling to designers, but we do.

Our Curriculum

With decades of portfolio reviewing expertise, our instructional team put together an interactive program with live sessions and self-paced learning to help you build a portfolio that shines like a star.

1-on-1 sessions
Hours Each Day



0 + hrs
Learning Materials

Day 1

Discover Your Brand

We start you off with a warm-up personal branding exercise where you tell us a little bit about your professional and personal story. We also show you a few examples to get a sense of your design style in preparation for 1-on-1 live sessions.

Week 1

Learn No Code Tools

You will learn the technical skills to create completely customized websites with Webflow, a no-code building tool that supercharges designers’ ability to build web pages based on their custom design without learning how to code.

Week 2

Personal Branding Design - Part 1

You will be given reading/video course materials per topic to refresh your understanding of design principles. After each learning material, you will be given an assignment to start build out the personal branding elements your portfolio website needs. You will receive written feedback for your submitted design within 24 hours. 1. Personal logo design: you will design a personal logo 2. Personal brand color palette design: you will design a color palette for your personal brand

Week 3

Personal Branding Design - Part 2

Continued from the previous week: 3. Personal brand typography design: you will design a typography system for your personal brand 4. Personalized element design: you will design and define the elements that will make your brand stand out, such as letter forms elements, icons, custom illustrations, site animations etc.

Week 4

Portfolio Website Design

You will design your portfolio website in the following steps and receive written feedback for each step within 24 hours of submission. 1. Define information architecture. Outline the pages and sections of your portfolio website. 2. Design pages with personal branding elements applied

Week 5

Portfolio Website Build

Use Webflow to build approved portfolio design. You will submit site build for critique and approval. Two 1-hour Q&A live sessions are included with the build process.

Week 6

Portfolio Design Critique

During the final week of the program, you will have 3 intensive live 1-on-1 sessions where your work will be reviewed and critiqued. It is similar to a design sprint. You will make changes immediately following feedback and the process repeats itself 3 times, until you are ready to push your new website live.


Storytelling for Creatives

We teach you the art of storytelling and how to apply that to your design so you can stand out from the crowd and create instant emotional connection with your target client, audience and company.

Portfolio Kickstart

6 Weeks of Portfolio Projects

If you currently do not have any portfolio projects, we suggest that you enroll in our Portfolio Kickstart program, where you will spend the first 6 weeks working on 3 full-length design projects under guidance from your dedicated mentor.

Scholarships For Students In Need

Diversity and Inclusion

We actively promote diversity and inclusion in design. We have a diversity scholarship for students who identify as any of the following.

50% Tuition

Financial Need

For students who do not qualify for the diversity scholarship, apply if you meet any of the following criteria demonstrating financial need.

50% Tuition

Promotional tuition ends in:


6 Weeks

Portfolio Express

$899REG $1699

For students with existing portfolio projects looking to build a visually-stunning, personally-branded and fully-customized portfolio websites

12 Weeks

Portfolio Kickstart

$1,899REG $2,499

For students who don’t yet have design portfolio projects and need full guidance on creating the projects and putting them together. *

Learn Portfolio Tips

We regularly publish articles about industry topics. Portfolio building is one of our specialties. Here, we highlighted some of the most popular articles for you to learn more about portfolio building.

Have A Portfolio? Great, But That's Not Enough

Our founder and CEO Stella Guan talked about crucial steps to make your personal brand and portfolio unlike anyone else’s so you can attract the right employer and clients.

How The 3-Second Rule of Design Portfolio Works

What makes hiring managers and recruiters stop for a second to look at your portfolio during their busy day? Our founder and CEO Stella Guan has some advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Students ask us these questions a lot. So we thought you’d like to know the answers to them, too.

We require that students have done at least some self-study online via platforms like Udemy or Skillshare. This is a portfolio building program, so you should be ready to start designing full-scale projects or in the case of the Portfolio Express program, you should have at least 2-3 portfolio pieces ready.


We have an excellent, free visual design course that will help you get up to speed on foundational design knowledge if you do not have prior knowledge.

Great question! The level of detail and support you will receive in our Portfolio School program is unmatched by any bootcamp. We focus on quality first and foremost. Our approach is fundamentally different than bootcamps. We value individual and high-quality instructions. Bootcamps care about charging higher prices, getting students in and out fast and providing a standardized curriculum when design is a highly creative field, not a standardized one.


If you do not want your portfolio to look like 500 other candidates', then your bootcamp portfolio service isn't enough. You need to make it as visually interesting possible with a unique personal twist, which Path Unbound specializes in helping you with.

You will walk away with a fully-finished, completely customized (with no coding required), visually-striking portfolio website with captivating personal stories, a balanced mix of work and a strong personal brand ready to outshine your competition.

With the level of creativity we encourage our students to achieve, you are well-positioned to stand out from the crowd after this program.


We do want you to understand that bootcamp "job guarantees" are not real guarantees.

The only guarantee you can expect from life is that you get out of as much as you put in. It works the same way here and we will do everything you can to help you succeed.


Don't buy in to the hype. Choose an educational institution that cares more about quality than the speed which you complete the program.

Absolutely! The Portfolio School program is not just for designers - we have students who are illustrators, photographers, fine artists, social media managers, journalists, writers, creative developers. industrial designers, architects who are in need of branding and visual design help. If you are a creative professional, no matter the discipline, you will find this program immensely valuable in helping you attract the right employer and/or clients.

Due to the fact that you will have access to learning materials and booking sessions right away after payment, we are unable to honor 100% refunds. However, if you find yourself unhappy with the content within 48 hours of enrollment, you may email us at hello@pathunbound.com to request a 90% refund, provided that you have not already booked a session.

Have more questions? Drop us a line and we will get back to you.

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