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Finally, a completely free and open-sourced way to learn design and launch your dream creative career. No credit card required. No strings attached. Book mentor sessions as you need.

Visual Design:
From 0 - 100


What You Will Learn

Our completely free, open-sourced and expertly-curated curriculum is everything you need to start a design career. The course is content-packed, interactive and highly-engaging.

We start you off with instructions to bite-size and easy to understand digital design tools including Sketch, Adobe xD and Figma. Each teaching point will include mini-exercises so you are not just sitting around watching tutorials passively.

Once you become familiar with basic tools, we dive right into design layout principles, where you will learn to observe design hierarchy and practice using them in mini-exercises. You will learn why certain things look good in certain places and how to create your own layouts.

You will learn how to create wireframes - the digital design version of the blue print, where you plan out how you are going to break down and lay out the information you need to make it make sense to users.

After we lay down the ground work for layout and wireframe, we get into the world of color. You will learn why certain colors harmonize with others and how to make beautiful and functional color palettes for digital design.

You will then move on to learning how to choose the best typefaces (also known as fonts) for digital design. We will go over the history of typography design and learn all about font pairings. You will also learn how to establish a systematic typography guide.

Every digital design needs to be optimized for different screen sizes (a.k.a. responsive design). We introduce best practices designing for different devices. We will go over concepts like breakpoints, responsive vs. adaptive design and guide you through the process of designing your own responsive websites.

As design teams collaborate together to produce user-friendly and beautiful digital products, designers can create prototypes to get early feedback before diving too deep into the process. We go over how to create clickable prototypes that you can usually share with clients, users and development teams.

Designing for mobile app user interface is a little bit different than designing the mobile view of a website. We will go over the major differences, compare and contrast between iOS and Android design considerations and apply the knowledge to create your own mobile UI design.

Interaction is a critical component of modern digital design. We explore ways designers create thoughtful interactions to best guide users through their journey. Topics include navigation design, CTA button designs and micro-interaction design.

Even though this is a visual design course, we can't skip User Experience Design entirely because in the digital world, the two go hand in hand. We go over the basics of user experience design so that you can work better with UX designers. It may even lead you to take an interest in learning more about UX after this course.

Every design needs a visual identity and system. That is why we teach you how to design for branding. You will be guided to create your own design system/brand guides.

Logo design is a highly-specialized discipline, but every designer should practice designing logos early in their career to flex their conceptual muscle. You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard for digital illustration and logo design. We will cover iconic brand logos and the thinking process behind the creation of these logos so that you can get inspired and create your own.

As a designer, you will be tasked to choose images and illustrations that work well with your visual design. We walk through best practices of photo selection and editing so that you understand how to select the best photo for your design and make adjustments to the composition, details and color tones of the photos if needed.

Our goal is to train and nurture multidisciplinary designers so that you can take on many different kinds of projects and have more opportunities. Animation is an in-demand skill for designers. We will introduce you to the world of motion graphics. You will learn how to use After Effects to create highly-engaging animated graphics for social media and marketing needs.

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Mentor Sessions
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We See A Problem With Creative Education

There is an over saturation of UI/UX bootcamps. Many of them have expensive tuition. Loans and income share agreements will need to be paid back. This can’t be the way we solve the mounting student debt crisis. Is creative education really just for the “well-to-do”s?

We Created Our Own To Fix It

We don’t believe this is the answer. That’s why we created Path Unbound, a creative education company that solves the problem, not creating more of it. We launched a forever-free, open sourced and full-length curriculum that is expertly-curated by former college professors and award-winning industry professionals.



Education Should Be Personalized

In this full-length Visual Design course, we provide 1-on-1 private mentorship on-demand. Unlike bootcamps, we don’t bundle mentor sessions and inflate the price. We created this system for students to learn at their own pace and get individual expert guidance as much and as little as they need. We believe education should be personalized, not mass-produced.

Creatives Are Not "Starving Artists"

At Path Unbound, we believe in creatives being business savvy and career-ready. Design schools teach great crafts but not nearly enough business (or at all). We are here to change that. We created a series of affordably-priced creative business courses for both the job seekers and the creative entrepreneurs.


How Mentor Sessions Work

Get Advice On Demand


Exercise Review

Your mentor will answer any questions you may have for the exercises you did for the unit. We recommend booking 1 review session per unit, but of course you can book more or fewer as you need. You can also request mentors for software demo if you have any technical questions.


Career Coaching

When you are ready to find a job, you may book career coaching sessions with our mentors. These sections will not be like conventional career coaching – our mentors dive deep into your career aspirations and cover topics that are not often discussed such as corporate politics, promotion trajectory, industry insights etc.

Session Packages


Save 20%

Exercise Review

If you prefer to have consistent support, we offer a discounted monthly package so you can connect with your mentor on a regular basis to accelerate your progress.  Sign up for a package rate to save and get the best results.


Save $400

Exercise Review + Career Coaching

For those of you preparing to interview, it would be great to have consistent and focused support. We offer this discounted bundle price to give you the help you need the most when you are getting your career started.

Why This Course Is Free

We’ve seen too many free courses advertised online that don’t provide too much value and only being used as a lead magnet. Meanwhile, the high price tag of bootcamps and higher education certainly didn’t make it easy for students with limited financial means.

Read our founder’s story to find out the inspiration behind this forever free, frequently-updated and value-packed course that may just be the stepping stone you need to launch your design career.

I “Open-Sourced” My Entire Design Education

And I am paying it forward.

The Problems With UI/UX Bootcamps

When creative education turned into assembly lines

Frequently Asked Questions

Students ask us these questions a lot. So we thought you’d like to know the answers to them, too.

We actually guide you through the latest design tools in easy to understand manners throughout the course. So you will be learning and practicing these tools all the time while you are in the course. Don't worry if you are completely new to design. That's our big differentiating point - we take you from 0 to 100.

No, you do not have to invest anything upfront, because we are teaching digital visual design, you have the option of choosing to use programs such as Figma that provides a free online version.


We do recommend that you get a student discount for Adobe programs because they are still industry standards and should be used by a professional designer at some point.


You don't have to use a Mac. Most design programs have a PC version as well (with the exception of Sketch).

We want to democratize design education. You shouldn't have to break the bank to learn the skills you need. No one should be in debt because they went to get an education (uh-hum, college...).


Design makes everything better. We want to help more people get into the field so that we can make more great and beautiful things.


We have a small team that supports a large number of students. We intend to keep our company small so we can best serve our students with the best quality education content without any fluff or markup in operation costs.

We get the appeal of a degree. It is fantastic if you have the time and money for it, but the design field is unique that employers care more about your portfolio and what you can do than your degree. Would you rather have a stellar portfolio and strong personal brand with no debt than tens of thousands of dollars in debt? The smarter answer is apparent to us, who build creative businesses for a living, but we leave it up to you to decide.


The best part is, our curriculum is actually designed by current and former college professors who are tired of the outdated ways universities teach. They brought years of industry expertise and teaching experience to the course design so that students can get the best of both worlds - solid foundational knowledge of design and up-to-date, practical instructions that will help students stand out.

The biggest difference between Path Unbound and other schools is - we train our students to have career AND business-ready. It means we don't churn out cookie cutter job applicants. You will graduate with in-depth knowledge in design, unique portfolio projects, rigorous training in career and business that you won't be worried about landing a job or starting your own business. You can choose to become a designer for a top ad agency; lead an internal creative team at a tech company; use your newly-acquired design skills to launch your own e-commerce shop; start working as a freelance designers for various clients or build your own creative enterprise. Sky is the limit and we want you to reach for it. So we don't tell you what career options you have after you graduate - you tell us. We will soon release our student outcome and success stories to inspire more of you to launch full steam ahead in pursuing your dream career. 

Our Visual Design course is free, but if you are unhappy with your paid mentor sessions, please reach out to our support team as soon as possible. We cannot offer refunds for mentor sessions that have happened, but we can provide a bonus session if there is legitimate reason for complaint.

For career and business courses, because your payment grants immediate access, we cannot honor a refund.

Have more questions? Drop us a line or visit our full FAQ page.


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