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We are thrilled to present you with a completely free and open-source way to learn design. Unlike most boot-camps, we don’t charge for the design education content. As you may already know, if you dig around the Internet, you will find everything you need to learn. There are so many excellent content about design out there, and we want to share the best of them curated by our expert design education team. 

However, learning design, as would be case for any other subjects, requires a lot of practice and feedback from industry professionals. If you want the feedback and mentorship, we want to provide that for you at an affordable cost.

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Digital Visual Design: 0 - 100

Set yourself up for success by taking the design foundation curriculum expertly crafted by college professors and award-winning industry professionals. You will learn the fundamentals in layout, typography, color theories while practicing your craft in industry-standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Sketch and  Adobe xD.

We start you off with instructions to bite-size and easy to understand digital design tools including Sketch, Adobe xD and Figma. Each teaching point will include mini-exercises so you are not just sitting around watching tutorials passively.

Once you become familiar with basic tools, we dive right into design layout principles, where you will learn to observe design hierarchy and practice using them in mini-exercises. You will learn why certain things look good in certain places and how to create your own layouts.


You will also learn how to wireframe - the digital design version of the blue print, where you plan out how you are going to break down and lay out information effectively.

After we lay down the ground work for layout and wireframe, we get into the world of color. You will learn why certain colors harmonize with others and how to make beautiful and functional color palettes for digital design.

You will then move on to learning how to choose the best typefaces (also known as fonts) for digital design. We will go over the history of typography design and learn all about font pairings. You will also learn how to establish a systematic typography guide.

We've laid down quite a lot of groundwork! Now it's time to do the work on the web. We will learn all about designing for different devices in different screen sizes. How do we plan our content to make it the most effective for each device type? Which information do we need to prioritize for different device types? We will observe, adapt and create together.


We will also learn how to prototype - connecting different screens together and building clickable prototypes for client feedback, user testing and development discussions.

After learning everything about the web, now it is time to take on mobile app design. It is not simple a mobile view of a desktop webpage - it requires an entire different design system. We will then introduce User Experience Design for Visual Designers, which will help make your design user-friendly despite the fact that you don't specialize in UX.

No design will be strong unless it has a brand behind it. Every design needs a visual identity and system. That is why we teach you how to design for branding. We have bonus classes for logo design, which is itself a specialty but every designer must learn it once. You will be guided to create your own design system/brand guides and logos for companies.

You will also learn how to effectively select photos and edit them for your design. You will learn how to do photo editing in Adobe Photoshop.

You will learn how to use Adobe Illustrator, the industry standard for digital illustration (although we are only doing logos).

Our goal is to train and nurture multidisciplinary designers so that you can take on many different kinds of projects and have more opportunities. Animation is an in-demand skill for designers. We will introduce you to the world of motion graphics. You will learn how to use After Effects to create highly-engaging animated graphics for social media and marketing needs.

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